Our Team

Lorin Zitting – Founder and President:     Lorin has been building creative and unique machines for over 25 years.
He has a plethora of experience in packaging, custom assembly, high pressure hydraulics, laser, textiles,
plastics, and much more.

Brigham Timpson – Design Engineer:     Brigham has experience in injection molding, steel fabrication, and
project management. With a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, he designs mechanisms as well as manages projects.

Gordon Zitting – Shop Manager:     Gordon oversees machine construction and assembly.
He is experienced in high and low voltage electrical, steel fabrication and welding, and all things mechanical.

Robert Richter – Programmer:     Robert has a BS in Electrical Engineering and focuses on the machine
controls. He does the bulk of our machine programming and offers a wealth of knowledge in other areas
including chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

Dan Wayman – Machinist:     Dan has over 30 years experience managing machine shops large and small . He has gained
extensive experience in machining for all industries including aerospace and heavy equipment. Dan
manages all in-house machining operations.

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